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Name Daiichi Realtor
Authorized Licensed by Governor of Tokyo (6) No.72146
Affiliation National Building Lots and Building Transaction Business Guarantee Association
Established August, 1994
Capital stock 10 million JPY
Annual revenue Approximate US$475 Million(Tax included)
(The fiscal year end June 2020)
Number of Employees 45
Address Kamiyacho Trust Tower 25F, 4-1-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 105-6925, Japan
Business Real Estate Investment, Condominium Development,
Hotel Development in Central Tokyo
Adviser Hiroshi Oikawa Former Organized Crime Department Councilor, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)
Former Shinjuku Police Chief
Takanobu Maku Former Ikebukuro Police Chief and Chief Superintendent
Masahito Higashi Former Section Chief of the Organized Crime Department, Yotsuya Police Station
(Section 4, Organized Crime Department)
LawyerYuki Kawauchi Former Superintendent Public Prosecutor of the Osaka High Public Prosecutors Office
LawyerHirotaka Kobayashi Hikari Sogoh Law Offices
Former public prosecutor of The Tokyo District
Public Prosecutors Office
Certified Public Tax AccountantNario Kamimura Former Chief Internal Inspector of Takamatsu Regional Taxation Bureau, National Tax Agency
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